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Why IKY has been so popular and supported by customers for many years ? (1)

Why IKY has been so popular and supported by customers for many years?

As a manufacturer of customized assembly of automotive wiring harnesses, car USB chargers, car switches, car amplifiers, LED light bars, fuses and cigarette lighters, we are committed to producing high-quality, Reliable auto parts to meet customers' needs for safety, comfort and convenience.

First, we focus on the selection and procurement of materials. We only select high-quality raw material suppliers, ensuring that the purchased materials meet international standards and undergo strict quality testing. These raw materials include high-strength wire harnesses, durable plastic and metal components, efficient electronic components, etc., laying a solid foundation for product performance and reliability.

Secondly, we have advanced production equipment and process technology. Our production lines adopt automated and intelligent production processes, such as injection molding, automatic welding, precision assembly, etc., to ensure efficient and stable product production processes, as well as product consistency and quality.

In terms of quality control, we strictly implement the ISO quality management system and have established a complete quality control process. From raw material incoming inspection to all aspects of the production process, we conduct strict testing and monitoring to ensure that the products meet standard requirements during the production process and pass the final product inspection.

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